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While on a fourth of July occasion, six closest companions succumb to the tricky arrangement of a baffling association when they are unconsciously changed into murderous man-eaters.



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Aug 19,2016

Hollywood Movies | Horror

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At the point when six school companions get together for a fourth of July festivity on a remote island off the Washington drift, what they expect is a safe weekend loaded with fun and celebrating. Tragically, when one of them conveys along some cocaine to amp up the great times, what they get is a mind twisting trek loaded with frightfulness, mayhem and murder. Unbeknownst to the companions, a cruel, conservative psychological militant association has furtively piped another bio-dynamic medication into the market masked as cocaine. Any individual who expends the medication is then presented to an infection that causes attacks of crazy anger. Stand out young lady, Brie, declines to take the medication and only she should battle to stay alive as everybody around her, including her life partner, endeavors to brutally slaughter her. Her exclusive trust might be a criminologist who is frantically attempting to unwind the secret behind the vicious psychological militant plot and spare Brie before it's past the point of no return. Caught on the island, Brie must persevere through the unbelievable and survive a savage session of feline and ...
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