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A U.S. military pilot's epic battle of survival in the wake of being shot down on a mission over Laos amid the Vietnam War.



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In 1965, while shelling Laos in a grouped mission, the propeller plane of the German-American US Navy pilot Dieter Dengler is hit and crashes in the wilderness. Health food nut is captured by the workers, tormented by the Vietcong and sent to a detainee camp, where he meets five other rationally unsettled detainees and gatekeepers. He turns out to be near Duane and composes a break arrangement; in any case, the insecure Gene contradicts to Dieter's arrangement. When they find that there is no more sustenance because of the consistent American bombings in the range and their watchmen mean to execute them, Dieter gets his arrangement under way. In any case, a startling selling out parts the gathering and Dieter and Duane find that the wilderness is their real jail.

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