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Lord Regis, who supervises the place that is known for Lucis, charges his armed force of fighters to shield the kingdom from the Niflheim domain's arrangements to take the hallowed gem which gives Lucis its enchantment and force.



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The mystical kingdom of Lucis is home to the holy Crystal, however the threatening realm of Niflheim will persevere relentlessly to make it theirs. War has seethed between the two for whatever length of time that most can recollect. Ruler Regis of Lucis summons a tip top power of troopers named the Kingsglaive. Employing their ruler's enchantment, Nyx Ulric and his kindred glaives stand before the crown city of Insomnia, battling to finish what has been started development of Niflheim's royal armed force. Before the mind-boggling military may of the realm, King Regis can just rescue his kingdom by tolerating a final proposal he should surrender all grounds outside the crown city, and see his child, Prince Noctis, marry to Lady Lunafreya, the previous princess of Tenebrae now hostage of Niflheim. As the war of wills wraths, the maneuvers of Niflheim change Insomnia into a dazzling battleground, maneuvering Nyx into a battle for the very survival of the kingdom.
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